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  She was dressing up in the make-up room and going to perform on the stage, when one of her friends rushed to her breathlessly and told her that her husband left for another place with another woman. Hearing the news, she just smiled frankly and did not stop making up. She made up very delicately for that show. After ten minutes, she showed on the stage and kept a charming smile as well as a steady tone as usual. She interacted with the audience and threw out quite a few of jokes that deeply pleased her audience. Returning back to the make-up room, she cleansed her makeup and still maintained calm. Her friend felt it incredible: Why she could bear when her husband fooled around with other woman while she was performing?        
  一个女人参加演出,在后台化妆时,有个朋友风风火火地跑来对她说,她的丈夫跟别的女人走了。女人粲然一笑,没有停止化妆,那一场的妆化得十分精致。十几分钟后,她走上舞台,灿烂地微笑,一如既往的平稳声调。她和观众们进行互动,还说了不少轻松的笑话,她的观众十分开心。 回到后台,她卸下妆来,仍然平静如常,她的朋友感到不可思议。自己的丈夫背叛了她,趁她演出的时候跟别的女人在一起,作为妻子,能忍受吗?
   There was another woman singer having the similar experience. When she reached the age of retirement, she suffered the change of marriage. Her husband had another woman and departed from her, leaving her feeling sad alone. She told others miserably that she broke down with her husband because their characteristics were not suitable for each other and that she had chosen a wrong man initially. Many of her fans had thought that her singing career would come to an end since then. As a female singer who had lost her youth and love, how could she still strive in her field?
   还有一个女人,作为一位歌手,她的年纪已到了收山的年龄。这时,她遭遇了婚变,她的丈夫有了另外的女人,她和丈夫分手了,她很悲伤。 她对别人说,我和丈夫是因为性格不合分开的,我从当初就选错了人,言语之间,无限悲怆。许多歌迷都认为她的艺术生涯可能到此结束了,一个没有年龄优势的女人,一个丧失情感寄托的女人,还能在歌坛上拼搏下去?
   However, the choices of both ladies mentioned above are totally beyond our wildest dream. The first lady was Jin Yuxi. After divorce, her career reached a higher peak and she led a more colorful life. Wherever she went, she would keep a smiling and confident profile. The second lady was Cai Qin. She did not give up singing with youth fading away. On the contrary, her career leapt to another culmination.
   事实上,她们所选择的,所告诉我们的,完全出乎我们意料之外。 第一个女人叫靳羽西,她的事业在婚变后更加辉煌,她一个人的生活更加精彩,无论走到哪里,她都笑意盈盈、自信满满。 第二个女人叫蔡琴,她没有随着年龄的老去而放弃歌唱,相反,她的事业更臻佳境。
   There are numerous women’ lives ruined by failed marriage, but these two ladies’ did not. The reason is indeed very simple. Cai Qin once said, “Your life is yours, not others!” It is more than true that your life is belonging uniquely to yourself and you should sense and capture every moment of happiness from life with a generous and grateful mindset. No one would present you happiness unless you seize it by yourself in daily life!

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